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Shuffle, that was neither the worst nor the best example I've ever heard, but thanks for breakin' in down the way you hear it.

I liked the hit hat groove part. The rest was too much for me (oddly enough, the one part where you don't have a comment :56-1:23 is actually the most fitting part of the song.) Nothing fancy, no "hey look at me, I'm Travis B." stuff, just a straight forward hard grooving punk beat that fits the song perfectly.

The tom stuff is just tooo toooooo tooooooooooo much.

I like the hi-hat glisses, but like you said, a bit too much the second time around.

The open rolls in the groove seem completely out of place, a sort of after thought. It seems the normal beat was just too boring for him. Maybe he should try to throw some ghost notes in once in a while, instead of full on 32nd note single stroke rolls at 18 inch stroke height? Maybe?

Anyone else care to comment?
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