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Default Re: Yamaha Drum Pedal Question

Originally Posted by x1503 View Post
Thanks for everyone who responded..well I like its responsiveness so far...I was thinking of getting a dw 5000 when I got this set...I got a 5 piece with hardware for $400 new at my local best buy so I had to get it

Are you talking about the Best Buy chain store? I'm surprised that if the drums were new, they would come with that pedal, because it's been discontinued for a while.

Also, are you sure the drums are Stage Customs? The local Best Buy store here sells Yamaha Gigmaker Drums. The Gigmakers usually run about $400 or less for a shell pack. With a hardware pack, they're usually $599 or less. The Stage Customs usually sell for $649 for a shell pack, and about $899 with hardware. And they don't come with that kind of pedal.
Do you have any pictures of the drums?

The DW 5000 is a good pedal, but I don't think you need to be in a rush to get one. Try one out and see how it feels to you compared to the Yamaha. You might just want to use the Yamaha for a while.


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