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Default Re: Gibraltar stealth rack vs normal stands

Originally Posted by nitrokid View Post
thanks and nice kit. Does it save any set up time or weight in the hardware bag. If you could go back to normal stands would you?
I use one on the right side of my kit to hold 2 ride cymbals. a crash, and a cowbell.

I used it in the past with an x-hat plus another crash on it. Back then it made sense to use it instead of seperate stands for everything.

There was a recent thread here somewhere asking a similar question. So, back then I weighed my rack versus how many stands I would use and discovered that I would actually lose about 7 pounds or so in my gig case by going back to individual single braced or flat base stands.

So basically, if you are replacing roughly 4 stands or more with your stealth rack it's probably worth it.
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