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Default Re: "Science" Channel

Originally Posted by Jeff Almeyda View Post
My geek side is getting really frustrated that channels like The Science Channel and The History Channel are now showing more fiction and more "reality" shows.

We have the sci fi channel for sci fi, why am I subject to crap like "Fringe" on the science channel?

I can deal with An Idiot Abroad and Oddities but the rest of it... Ugh.

Pop Science, please.
I posted what I thought was a fairly wonderful explanation of why television and cable networks/stations get so far off track, but it got wiped during the server shortage.

I was so pleased with what I'd written when I wrote it, however, that I incorporated it into my website's monthly e-mail newsletter. And, since I'm an old television guy and therefore know a thing or two about recycling material, today I posted the newsletter for those who for some inexplicable reason haven't subscribed to it.

So if anyone cares - and, yes, I'll be incredibly hurt if they don't but will hide it so that you'll never know - you can find said "wonderful" explanation here:

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