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Whether his grooves are musical or not is very debatable. Here is a small sample that shows what I like from him, and by the same token actually what others may dislike…

0-20s Nice opening tom groove.

20s-40s More conventional groove. He inserts some ride accents through the washy hi-hat. Again, I like it, but could be judged overplayed by others.

40s-56s Nice hi-hat work

1.15 - 1.23 Open rolls in the groove. Pretty tight, and fits well IMO

1.33 Back to the tom groove. I think adding the second hi-hat gliss was too much here…

Quite a lot of stuff going on in that sample. Overplayed ? May very well be to some ears. But in many portions of that small sample, he is actually holding most of the song all by himself… The guy is trying pretty hard to come up with new stuff, and I would guess he is fairly aware of the "rules" he sometimes breaks while doing so. This "boldness" fits pretty well the essence of what I think punk rock should be all about anyway.
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