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Default I'm happy & proud :)

Just had to share my joy :)

Last year, I went to great expense putting my daughter through London Film School based at Ealing film studios. It's a globally "up there" film skills tuition institution, so the entry bar was high, & so were the costs. I did so because I believe the best I can do is to facilitate & support her dreams, even though I knew her chances of succeeding in the business were slim.

Well, I couldn't be more proud. Last month she got a very small part in a major feature film to be released next year, starring Judy Dench. This week she's been featured as the lead role in a short film being submitted to Cannes film festival, & directed by a well regarded director. As a result of that performance, she's just landed (today) a major role in a feature film. They start filming towards the end of the year, & her locations are Peru, Spain, France, & Iceland.

For a young girl straight out of film school, this is huge, & I'm writing this with a glow of satisfaction surrounding me :)

This is only the start, but what a start. It may go nowhere after that, who knows, but at least I provided the wood for the fire. Some pictures - Emma is 18 & 5'11" tall.
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