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Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
Great music Andrew. Swinging us all into bad health!

Yes, a good bass player is everything. It is something that I've been especially aware of recently. Playing the same songs with different groups, I noticed that the feel of everything is tied very heavily to the bass player. I mean, where I would've probably blamed myself for shortcomings in the sound of the band, I am learning that it's got more to do with the bass player that I had ever realized.

I think most of us tend to look inward when something is not happening with the feel of the music. It's just what, as drummers, we do. Blaming anyone else feels wrong. It's sort of like blaming your pants for shrinking when the problem is that you're gaining weight. :) But the reality is that, yes, the bass player can really make a huge difference that we can't overcome one way or the other.
Yeah, you are absolutely right about trying to take too much responsibility for the feel of the music. Just like working with a great bass player is easy, working with a bad one is incredibly difficult.

Over time I have tried to come up with some ways of dealing with bad bass players to sort of mitigate the damage. But the biggest thing as you point out is not to take full responsibility for a bass players short-comings. After that, I just try to make the music feel as good as I possibly can, but I would be curious to hear what you guys think about this issue.

So the question is, how do you deal with a bad bass player on a gig?
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