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Default Re: bell sound samples (from DIY bells)

Hey, that's cool! Those DIY bells are a great way to save yourself some money because all those brand bells aren't anything extraordinary compared to DIY, provided you get some half decent (cracked) cymbals to begin with. That's my impression from a few quick listening comparisons but also from feedback I got (on facebook, from a drummer group).

I should record some more. With a bit more samples per bell - because they do have different timbres depending on how you're hitting them.

Currently I have some 35-40 (a handful crappy sounding ones, too, plus 2 Chinese splashes), the samples are from the first 10 bells I've done. So there's a lot of newer stuff to record. I think this time I'll provide the full samples like before (letting the bells ring out completely) but also some processed samples with hotter levels and less ringing time, for more real world situations.

TD20? Wow - must be fun. I had a TD9 for temporary use - that would be the minimum in e-drums for me personally.

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