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Default Re: Yamaha pedals?

So here's my short condensed review of the Yamaha FP9500C pedal: extremely smooth and easy to play, especially with the strap connection as opposed to using the double chains (these seem to add weight to the feel). The rubber used on the clamping area is a nice touch - no more hoop rash if you have a nicely finished bass drum hoop. The side wingnut for clamp tightening is also very nice. The pedal plate has rubber on the bottom: up towards the front and then under the heel. No velcro - what a relief that was!

One questionable thing: Yamaha is the only manufacturer that casts a bar between the posts - stating that it helps the rigidity of the pedal and aides in keeping the bearings straight. Time will tell about this feature as I've never had bass drum pedal posts go out of alignment. The reason I state this as a "claim" is because this cross bar between the posts gets struck by the cam if you let the pedal fly backwards all the way. Granted you may never have your cam fly back all the way like that, but I did, and I just wasn't expecting it to hit the cross bar.

A nice thing: The two-way beater Yamaha uses is much lighter than any other manufacturers' beater. In fact, when I tried my DW beater, and then a standard felt beater, those were much too heavy and did not allow me to fly on the pedal. So keep in mind, if you like to use different beaters, you may have to readjust your spring tension, beater angle, footboard angle....It would probably be easier to just carry around a spare Yamaha beater should you break one on a gig rather than have to readjust your pedal. It's funny because on my other pedals, they feel perfectly normal with heavier beaters. Yamaha seems to have engineered these pedals with their beaters in mind and they are extremely easy to play because of the lightness of the beater. But the beater face itself is about the same size as the DW beater, just alot lighter. The beater shaft holder hole is not perfectly round. It's a bit tear-drop shaped so the beater shaft gets locked into position with moderate tightening of the drumkey screw holding it in. A nice touch.

I almost hate to say it but the normal 'fast' things I might play on a bass drum pedal happen really easy with this pedal. I keep my spring at a medium tension and my beater angle is almost 50-degrees back with a normal footboard angle. Having a smooth footboard is nice on the shoes allowing me to 'dance' on the pedal when I need to do that. This is one nice pedal that I'm surprised is overshadowed by most others on the market. If you're in the market, blah blah blah.....
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