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Default Re: NPD: Trick Dominator - Initial impressions, to be followed by periodic review

The primary consideration was price! But it's still extremely pricey! I had to make sure I wasn't buying some sort of watered down pedal.

While narrowing down on the pedal, I noted comments that it was essentially the same thing as a Bigfoot. I also noted comments that the compression spring hindered playing due to resistance at the end of the stroke. The complaints about the lack of spikes and the lack of a footplate were also noted.

The major difference with the top of the line pedal was the absence of an "adjustable cluster" to change the footboard feel and the sliding bass hoop clamp mechanism.

The latter feature didn't really make much of a difference to me: I figured they had designed it in a way that the hoop clamp was positioned far enough ahead to prevent the drive from grinding against the drum head. Didn't seem like I was wrong as far as my e-drum kickpad, I'll put up some pics!

The adjustable cluster on the other hand seemed like an interesting feature. But since the Dominator "cluster" seemed to be locked into a "middle position", I reasoned that not having one would just mean one less doohickey to drive me nuts! Someone needs to make me a non-adjustable, custom pedal!

While there's no difference between the Dominator footboard and the Pro-1V Bigfoot, the Trick Detonators on the other hand feature a traditional shortboard with heel plate. I've been taking stock of a lot of amazing drummers playing longboard pedals for a long time and a lot of the older players also seem to be migrating to them. I'm not an experienced drummer, having taken up drumming at the "out of prime" age of 28, when ideally I should have built the required muscle knowledge by now. So I figured why not try out something radically different. Compression spring and longboard, check.

I'll admit, it was a bit of a risk going with a smaller manufacturer -- albeit one with a competent reputation -- and I'm not too sure whether it has paid off just yet. There is a learning curve with direct drives too,

But as far as quality, I'm extremely happy with the construction, it's very reassuring to look at and have underfoot. I think as a result of being machined, it seems even sturdier than my Pearl Eliminators, which were rock solid pedals in their own right.

In that respect, it seems every bit a top-of-the-line pedal. But I went with it instead of the real top-of-the-line pedal because of the price. Confusing? I hope no one gets reservations about this pedal because I sound wishy-washy about them after splurging. I am truly excited to have these things in my possession... The review is still underway!!

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