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Default Re: NPD: Trick Dominator - Initial impressions, to be followed by periodic review

I too found the adjustments a PITA when going from the DW9000 single to the Dominator double. I think much of that had to do with going from a regular board to a long board. That was frustrating at first - my biggest learning curve.

My main gripes were that there were no spikes, so you have to have a nice rug and position the velcro wisely. The heel part of the foot plate is narrow to fit velcro there. Trick should have included ENOUGH velcro for this. The included velcro is quite industrial and effective. My slave pedal does stay anchored amazingly.

There are rubber tips that press against your bass drum hoop that wear out eventually (I've heard). I haven't seen these yet on their website? I just placed a thin rubber pad inbetween hoop and pedal. I swapped out the beaters and use the heavier DW beater.

A very precisely engineered pedal. The wrenches fit tightly onto each bolt. Super easy to adjust tension on the fly. Wickedly smooooooth. The axle is nicely engineered with huge U joints. Plus they're only $130 if you ever need a replacement. Have heard excellent things about their axles.

Overall, excellent pedal.
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