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Default Re: NPD: Trick Dominator - Initial impressions, to be followed by periodic review

Apologies! I clicked some new pictures with a smaller size. Thanks for the suggestion. Got an extra one of the spring innards, looks gruesome... yet has the same attraction as one of those wounds... You know the kind!

@risewiththefallen: I actually found the feel to be a little heavier than my Pearl Eliminators out of the box. I'm not talking about resistance when being played. Just a different feel from the footboard. They are completely silent after I tightened down everything! It all started when I made an adjustment :o

@wildbill: I wrestled with them all day and then about an hour ago, a glimmer of hope. It must be the direct drive mechanism, coupled with the compression spring. Very unusual. After hours of frustration, I seem to have hit upon a nice setting, .

@toddmc: 682Drums mesh-heads are pretty cool, this is the first set I got, but coming from the stock mylar heads on my Alesis kit, there's a world of difference in playability. Their e-trigger cone conversion is pretty nifty, the dynamics on my dinky e-kit have improved dramatically.

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