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Default Re: Yamaha pedals?

Originally Posted by konaboy View Post
Awesome Bo.

I picked up one of the predecessors to the 9500D, the 9415 for $99 a few years ago for a kit I was getting for church based on things I read here and I was totally blown away. To the point that I ordered a second one for my home kit and my DW9000 has become my backup pedal.

If you can swing the cash for the direct drive version 9500D or come across the 9410 or 9415 direct drive I think you'd be very impressed, especially since you are liking the feel of the one you just got.
I had thought about ordering the direct drive version, but after futzing around with this one and being able to play it full out in the store for almost an hour convinced me to just get it.

Many players I've talked to are kinda' on the fence about the direct drive thing, me included. I tried the Trick Pro-1v a couple of years ago and didn't like it. The only direct drive I did like was my old Ludwig Speed King, and I also thought the Axis A was pretty cool (albeit over-priced). But the Trick, and the Pearl Demon kinda' left me a bit cold. So since I had such a good time with this Yamaha, I went with it. If I get to try one in person and I like it, I might get one of those too.

On a side note - is it just me or does it seem funny that high-end pedals come with a bag of some sort? Tama gives out a plastic case, and my Camco came with a bag. This Yamaha came with a bag, as do DW pedals. My pedals usually travel in a trap case. Bagging them up never occurred to me. Was there some kind of public demand for a bass drum pedal case? Back in the dark ages, did drummers always hand-carry their case-less bass pedals? I don't understand how this practice came about ;)
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