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As already emphasized here, to me Gretsch is king and Ludwig comes in next (though Ludwig is 1st place for some). Both equally magnificent drums.

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
....Dmacc has some clips up of his playing on his Gretsch kit and they sound impossibly good. I think they're Brooklyns (correct me if I'm wrong, D).
Thank you for the compliments Larry... Mine are actually the USA Customs for what I've posted most of the time here. Older posts with the fusion band I play with are the New Classics. My snare drums under both conditions are USA Customs.

I'd love to try out some Brooklyns some day but really don't feel the need to make the leap from the USA's. As the saying goes, when I play the USA's - "I'm home".

New Classics have the ability to get a vintage vibe/sound going but the real vintage sound & feel as the USA's do. The Brooklyn's from what I understand can accomplish the same as well. Things may have changed but from what I recall New Classics are less expensive than the Brooklyn's and USA's. USA's are the most costly.

Good luck on your decision!
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