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Default Re: Yamaha pedals?

I hope I'm not "that guy" on this thread, but I sat down at my local Sam Ash with a Sonor Perfect Balance the week that they came out, and I was blown away. In the last 6 months since then I have not regretted this purchase at all.

It's pricey (retails at $249), but if you have no need of a double pedal and really want the smoothest, lightest feeling, most responsive strap pedal around, then this is the way to go. With this pedal, I have to continuously remind myself to relax, stop playing heel up so much (and using so much leg) and just let my foot to its thing.

Its definitely the king of the round cam + strap pedals out there. Every last bit of design and finish on this pedal is amazing, plus it folds up and I keep it in my gig "briefcase" with all of my "necessities" that I bring to every gig (in ears, metronome, etc). The briefcase + stick bag + cymbal bag (and usually snare bag) is what I take if I have to play someone else's kit and not having a bulky pedal bag greatly lessens the load that I have to manipulate.
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