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Default NPD: Trick Dominator - Initial impressions, to be followed by periodic review

My new pedal arrived today. Got it out of the box, set it up and jammed for hours. Here are some pictures.

1) My initial reaction after unboxing the pedal was positive. Well-made, solid. I've heard a lot of criticism about the lack of a footplate, but it seems mine is a later model, which has a foot plate. It's a single sheet of metal, but latticed, to keep costs and the weight down, I imagine. It looks very sleek, very professional, I don't understand the complaints that it is ugly. Turning the two single pedals into a double was a cinch and I am sure the reverse holds true as well. Interesting find: when I opened up the cover plate on the master pedal to convert to a double, I noticed some red-looking lubricant (?) in the spring cavity. It looked like it was glow-in-the-dark, intriguing. The demo vids I've seen don't show anything like that.

2) The spring mechanism is promising, but I noticed that if you loosen it too much, it comes out completely! I was lucky to stop in time and put it all back in (the right way I hope, the innards are not to be messed with as per Trick Percussion).

3) There were four strips of velcro in the box, which was handy, as when I first tried the pedal, even the master pedal was slipping and sliding, because my e-drum kickpad couldn't hold it in place. However, I think that a few more strips are necessary for each pedal. This is because if I fasten a strip at the front and one at the back of the pedal on the base, the pedal becomes unstable, because the strips don't run from one edge to another and hence it can tilt toward either side. Fortunately, I had some pedalboard tape with me to rectify the situation, but it would be nice if Trick perhaps gives enough velcro to keep the pedals stable.

4) The feel of this pedal is definitely on the heavier side. I attribute this to it being a longboard as well as the compression spring, which gives the pedal a feel akin to an Iron Cobra with a Cobra Coil, rather than an Eliminator. Action was very smooth, I had some initial worries about noise from the pedal, but tightened all nuts and it was all good.

5) I hurt my knees playing. Love new gear, but I couldn't get the double kick to sound like squat. Adjustments were a PITA like all pedals, but the one advantage is that the spring tension is easier to fix on this pedal. Just playing the single kick was very rewarding. Plan to adjust my seating position and reposition my drumkit tomorrow, besides some more tweaking, including a change of shoes.

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