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Default Re: Roland or Yamaha?

Originally Posted by MCYamaha View Post
I don't know about you guys, but my personal experience with Roland v drums is horrible! If you're going to use it for stage performances, I'd stay away from those. There is a casino in town, that my band frequents, and they insist the house kit is used. In this case it's a v drum kit with a td 20 brain ( or something very close) supposedly near the top of the line for this product. There is 0 sensitivity, so no accents, the latency is horrible, and all the samples sound like a Casio keyboard... Granted, you could probably spend HOURS programming the samples and MAYBE add some sensitivity, but after I tune the heads on my acoustic kit, I'm ready to go! Sounds awesome and I have total control over accents, ghost notes, etc... HOWEVER! If you're just trying to jam in your apartment and not piss off your neighbors a vdrum kit Is probably good... That is the end of my angry v drum rant...
The casino owners (or whoever provides the kit) obviously don't know jack about dialling in the proper settings. And while it might take HOURS of stuffing around to get a decent sound you're personally happy with, it should take about 5 minutes to adjust the sensitivity to your desired level on each pad (depending on how many there are).
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