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Default Re: Roland or Yamaha?

I don't know about you guys, but my personal experience with Roland v drums is horrible! If you're going to use it for stage performances, I'd stay away from those. There is a casino in town, that my band frequents, and they insist the house kit is used. In this case it's a v drum kit with a td 20 brain ( or something very close) supposedly near the top of the line for this product. There is 0 sensitivity, so no accents, the latency is horrible, and all the samples sound like a Casio keyboard... Granted, you could probably spend HOURS programming the samples and MAYBE add some sensitivity, but after I tune the heads on my acoustic kit, I'm ready to go! Sounds awesome and I have total control over accents, ghost notes, etc... HOWEVER! If you're just trying to jam in your apartment and not piss off your neighbors a vdrum kit Is probably good... That is the end of my angry v drum rant...
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