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Default Re: Cymbals

I love, Love, LOVE my UFIP Bionic Ride. The bell is unreal. It's not just a big sound, it's that it's so incredibly musical.

I hate my Sabian AA Regular hats. I'm just so sick of their sound I am putting them up for sale. I just can't stand playing them anymore. For awhile I was using a 70's Zildjian 14" medium thin crash at 836 grams for the top. It made a huge difference and a much more musical experience. Someone sold me a Zildjian heavy bottom to go with it for cheap, so I am going to use that for awhile until I figure out what I really want.

I like my 17" UFIP Bionic crash (black label)
. I wasn't sure about this one at first. It's really a little heavier than what I really want to play for crashes. It's thinner than a Z Custom/Z3 Medium Crash by almost 95g, but still thicker than the new blue label Bionics, which I think are quite musical in a loud setting. However, the black label Bionic sounds awesome on recording playback. It's has a real punch, without too much definite pitch overtones to it. It's just does its job and drops out of the way in the mix.
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