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Default Re: Yamaha pedals?

agreed on the FP8500B belt drive pedal. one if THE BEST pedals for me in the last 20 years. my backstory is slingerland yellow jacket, ludwig speed-king, yamaha 8-series (1988). to this day, the yamaha '88 style is what i have the strongest reference to. even so over the years, i had bought & played DW 2002s, 2005, 2007, pearl (90s?) and pearl eliminator over the years. they all felt odd, too slow, to heavy (much mass) or just an action that felt un-natural.

the FP8500B is fast, light & the perfect replacement for the '88 yamaha. footboard is GREAT. i am having all sorts of great results especially w/ the Famularo / Kollias style swivel tech. i am still due to check out Jojo's sonor pedal plus the Axis...but for the $$$, the yamaha is awesome. the same series hi-hat is also unbelievable. the best hi-hat i have ever played.
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