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Default Re: Yamaha pedals?

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post

...It's a never-ending quest, I suppose...

Ya - just about the same thing as looking for the perfect ride cymbal. Probably never happen.
Sort of a sifting through the possibilities. Some of the differences are pretty obvious as soon as you try something in the store, and that's how you get your initial preferences.
Then you go through those preferences and the differences can become rather subtle.

I have noticed that I'm playing better with these newer pedals. But that also is rather subtle, except for a couple new techniques. And most of the difference can probably be chalked up to simply practicing more.

I'm set for pedals now. Would never have to get another one, and I'd be happy with what I've got.
Still - I find myself toying with the idea of checking to see if I could trade my two older Yamaha doubles in towards a Yamaha DFP9500D double pedal - LOL
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