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Default Help Finding Part for Pearl Double Pedal

I bought a set of Pearl P902 Double Kickers a week ago as my first Double Pedals. I liked them until they broke :( I was playing when all off a sudden one beater didn't return. I found the bolt that holds on the little plastic roller that the spring goes to had snapped off. I know it is just manufacture defect because i have never seen this happen on any pearl pedal ever! I thought no big deal that's what my warranty is for. WRONG! I contact the seller and they say that i have to send the entire pedals half way across Australia to a pearl service center so they can determine it didn't break from misuse. I say can i just send the broken bit? I get told no. Ok makes sense. Now if i post these the postage to the center and back will cost me $40+ not to mention i will no doubt have to wait months to get my pedals back just for a stupid little bolt. What do i do? No way am i posting the whole kickers because that will probably cost more then the part itself. I think that i should just be sent a replacement part and not have to spend anything on the pedals i bought a week ago.
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