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Default Re: Yamaha pedals?

I think I'll pick one up. Not sure if I want the 8500 with the strap, or the direct drive. But I do recall I played a Yamaha 7-series pedal back in the late 80s, and I really liked it. Then I was blinded by that DW marketing at that point ;)

I almost want to do it because, again, it's a great deal I can't pass up. A direct drive pedal that's light and smooth for $159? Compared to an Axis A, the Trick, or the Pearl Demon, it is a major steal. BUT - I was spending some time playing my Camco/Flexi Flyer today and that pedal does everything I need to do too. Along with all those Tama Iron Cobra Jr's. that have been piling up in my garage. Although I do like the "light and flying" feel I get now, I get the impression that the Yamaha's will do that and more - not that I think it'll make me play better. I suppose I'm looking for a pedal that just disappears under my foot and whatever I make my foot do, it'll translate to the pedal instantly.

It's a never-ending quest, I suppose.
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