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Default Re: Yamaha pedals?

Yamaha pedals are excellent 'bang for the buck'. Most of my pedals are Yamaha.

A Yamaha FP9500D is my most recent pedal purchase.

I keep two kits set up. One has the Yamaha on it, and the other has a DW9000 on it. Even though they feel 'night and day' different, I like them both equally.
The Yamaha is very light, quick and natural feeling, almost you like forget it's there sometimes.
The DW doesn't let you forget it's there (yet), but despite its very solid feel, it's buttery smooth, and a pleasure for me to put my foot on - if that makes any sense at all. LOL

I've got two older sets of Yamaha doubles, and a bunch of older Yamaha singles and one Pearl single, and while they're nice and very useable, the two new pedals are definite improvements.
The only older set that's getting significant use is the oldest double Yamaha. Its foot boards are long enough that I can practice proper heel/toe with them. I keep it set up with an electronic pad.

Funny though, that I only use that technique (heel/toe), for one specific thing when I play with a single pedal, because with a single, it sounds kind of disjointed.
It's absolutely perfect for the jazz 'swing' beat though.
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