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Default Re: Boso Drum Sticks

I picked up three pairs of Boso Natural 7A, though I'm sure almost all of you guys will prefer the Strata models because they are weighted to feel like hickory sticks.

So the below review refers only to the Naturals - all bamboo and lighter and tougher than you'd believe. You might have to wait for Karl's review to find out about the Stratas ....

The Naturals are the lightest sticks I've tried, even lighter than the excellent Billy Stewart signature Zildjian 7As that were the lightest I'd found in shops in the past (alas, impossible to get these days, its seems). The bamboos are even lighter than Vic Firth Kid Sticks!

So they take getting used to - much less bounce response, like timbale sticks. I did a sound test with the guys in the band comparing the sound on my ride with Firth American Jazz AJ2 hickory sticks (which I like a great deal). I was expecting them to go for the depth and richness of AJ2s but they liked the toppier clarity of the bamboo.

Bamboo is amazing wood. Apart from being a sustainable crop it's incredibly hard and tough. I recently got bamboo floor and it's harder wearing than anything. So the sticks are weirdly tough given how light and fragile they feel. I gave them a hard workout during a jam at the end of last week's rehearsal (attached brief rough sound clip to show that I was caning it on my Rhythm Traveler far more than usual).

If you are transitioning from rock to lighter forms and struggling with volume, these sticks will help a great deal if you can get used to the different bounce response of ultra light sticks. Recommend quality time on the pad.

It's too early to know how the bead will wear but I'm guessing they will stay hard longer than usual.
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