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Default Yamaha pedals?

In my quest of the perfect bass drum pedal (even after I de-modified a new Tama Camco by putting a 30 year old Tama cam on it with a strap) I started to look around for new cam-and-strap pedals and came across the Yamaha FP8500B pedal that's basically like the de-modified Camco. But what was more interesting, Yamaha also makes the FP9500D which is their top-line direct drive pedal. And at $159 it's an absolute steal.

Does anyone here play this pedal and what do you think about it?

I also cut my teeth on the old Speed King and also toyed around with the Axis and Trick pedals too in the past. It would be interesting to see how people like this Yamaha pedal, if any?
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