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Default Re: "Science" Channel

Originally Posted by Jeff Almeyda View Post
My geek side is getting really frustrated that channels like The Science Channel and The History Channel are now showing more fiction and more "reality" shows.

We have the sci fi channel for sci fi, why am I subject to crap like "Fringe" on the science channel?

I can deal with An Idiot Abroad and Oddities but the rest of it... Ugh.

Pop Science, please.
Everything's all mixed up. SciFi is showing chick flicks, Spike is showing cooking shows, Lifetime is showing MMA, the History Channel is showing UFO conspiracies, the Weather Channel is devoted to natural disasters, MSN is The Prison Channel and Discovery has been taken over by hairy, smelly bikers. Then there's the Screwed Up People Channel - I forget what it's called - that just has hoarders, drug addicts, recovering has-beens and other losers. I liked The History Channel when it was more like the American and European Military History Channel and half the shows were about old tanks.

I wasn't even aware of the Science Channel. Sounds like it would be ripe for Pseudoscience Channel. Everyone is chasing after everyone else's demographic and leaving their own behind. Hell, only AMC has decent programming anymore and that's where I go to see action, adventure and violent science fiction, my favorite genre.

Don't even get me started on video games. I have a radical idea for one, an idea that will set the game apart from all others. It will not feature zombies and it will not be set in a post-apocalyptic world. Mindblowing, huh?
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