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Default Re: Bass drum pedal(s) setting : The “effortless” method.

I used a big arsenal of foot techniques depending on what I'm trying to achieve. I'm typically a strict heel up guy, but second in line comes the slide technique. I also utilize the constant release method for double strokes when I'm playing slower songs, and then heel down when the energy permits it so I can conserve my energy and strength.

I've found that the best way to rotate through all these tecniques, for myself at least, is to keep the tension of my pedal nearly as loose as I can get it. I tighten the pedal just barely past the point where the spring slacks. I adjust my beater to the point that it occasionally taps the top of my foot when playing, which isn't that dramatic considering the side of my foot, and the angle my foot is typically positioned in.

I play with a strap drive pedal, round cam, and a fairly heavy beater, so the action is very balanced. I even like a tighter bass drum tuning so there's more rebound. This lets me simply drop my foot, and I get a loud powerful bass drum stroke. I never have to put extra focus on playing loud notes because the settings on my pedal do most of the work.

I've had ZERO problems playing this way - in fact, the only flaw I have is in the fact that playing with such loose tension makes it VERY difficult for me to play tightly tensioned pedals. When I play on someone's kit, and they have their springs nearly maxed out, it's a struggle for me to make the beater hit the head.
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