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Default Re: An ironic observation

Henri, I'm going to disagree with your assertion that more adjustable pedals may be better for beginners.

In my own experience, having too many adjustments early on means that a player can sometimes try to adjust the pedal too much in the first months of their playing. Rather than learning a basic technique and then tweaking the pedal to taste, many players instead try to make the pedal work for them without developing a fundamental technique initially. Furthermore, if the pedal settings are changed frequently (every day, for instance) in the first months of playing, this can actually hinder the development of embryonic technique.

I'll draw an analogy with sticks. I doubt many of us here would recommend a new player playing with a different set of sticks every day - of different weights, lengths, tapers, etc. Doing so may hinder the development of a coherent technique. Instead, the common advice is to go for a stick somewhere in the middle (like a 5A) and work from there after the basic technique has been formed.

I feel the same way about pedals. Set the tension, angle, etc. somewhere in the middle and then - after technique has been developed - adjust to taste.
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