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Default Re: An ironic observation

Originally Posted by toddmc View Post
You'll have to explain this one to me. While I can understand buying vintage drums to get that vintage sound, why go for vintage pedals as well (other than to keep the whole kit old Skool)? To get that vintage, not-so-great feel of yesteryear (but whatever feels good to the individual I guess)?
Yes, whatever works best for you in the end, the latest design or a vintage pedal, but don't under estimate some old " vintage" designs, some current models are still being build using the very same basic function/structure as their "vintage" counterparts.

Originally Posted by Reggae_Mangle View Post
On the subject of new vs old., is more complex and more adjustments a good thing? Or bad?
It depends on the person I guess, but I'd say it's better to have more, who can do more can do less, so with certain pedals, you can almost reproduce the "feel" of many other pedals.

If you're an experienced player, chances are you'll know what you want and what works for you, and this can help in the pedal choices.

However, a beginner or intermediate player might not have found his/her best suited technique/feel/need etc, so a pedal which can be morphed into many different "settings" and "feel", like the Mapex Falcon, for exemple, can be an advantage for those players.

Incidentally, when Tama released the Camco in 1981 - 82, it had some featured adjustment readily avaible, you were able to adjust the footplate and the beater angle, independently form each other, but at set angles on the pedal.
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