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Default Re: And the sickness continues!

Originally Posted by steverok View Post
I never considered a light-weight throne. Does this one turn / rotate ?
Well, yes and no. Light weight thrones are basically set-up like regular stands with a memory lock. The worry is if the memory lock doesn't hold, or the regular wing nut doesn't hold, it'll slip down. But as I recall, as a kid, I had one of the mid-70s middle Tama thrones that operated on a memory lock like that and it never slipped. But back then I was also under 110 pounds. I'm a bit heavier now, but I saw a bigger guy using a throne like t hat just recently and it didn't budge, so I might be good. If you were pushing 300 pounds maybe you want the traditional spindle throne.

As a permanent option, I could (after I determined where my favorite height it) drill the throne and install a bolt through it, locking it at the height. But lets see if I have to resort to that.
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