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Default Re: Sonor Force 3007...looking for drum head recommendations

The OP keeps mentioning batter heads but I want to make sure that he replaces the stock resos. Not saying you can't live with the stocks but I believe the right batters with the right resonant heads and - good tuning - will get the 3007's close to the upper line Sonors in sound.

I personally have used coated G2's over clear G1's on my Yamaha MCAN kit with great success. Honestly though that set seems to sound good with all kinds of combos . :)

Since this kit is for a younger player I might recommend Evans EC2's with EC Resonants. Although every drummer has their preferences, younger players seem to like a wee bit less resonance. IMHO, this combo would probably be the best for a younger player who wants to hear a more controlled sound from where he sits but still have some resonance. You could also look to Evans G12's (formerly G Pluses) which are a thicker single ply.

I make the above recommendations because the target player is younger and because the OP mentioned Remo Pinstripes.

My .02


FWIW: I usually get very satisfactory sounds from my Gretsch 80's 12" and Yamaha 12" toms. Love the 10's but 12's are usually not a hassle for me. Now if I throw the 13" from the Gretsch next to the 12", then I have a real challenge in matching timbre and tone.
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