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Default Re: MIDI 101 - Yamaha DTX700 - Help

You should definitely Google around for a 'MIDI 101' site and educate yourself. The basics are pretty straight forward but there are more complex elements eventually..

Quick answers

If an electronic unit (DTX700) has a MIDI In it means you can trigger (play) the sounds it produces (that you normally use pads to trigger) by using a MIDI controller (the Clavinova).

A MIDI Out (from the controller) connects via MIDI cable to the MIDI In to the sound source (the DTX700 brain). The Clavinova doesn't receive any routed audio so it doesn't produce any sounds the DTX700 has internally. MIDI and Audio are kind of like plumbing and electrical in a house. They may run next to each other via pipes/wiring but don't interact directly.

*Well....electricity CAN travel through water but ...that would be only bad news, dangerous and not normal.

What the Clavinova MIDI Out was originally designed for was triggering another MIDI keyboard sound source like a Korg or Roland synthesizer. If you had the Clavinova plugged into an amp and played a note of the keys it would make a normal sound expected. If you added a MIDI cable from the Clavinova to say a Roland Fantom X8 synth plugged into it's own amp (AND configured the settings correctly) and then played a key on the Clavinova, you'd hear both the Clavinova and Fantom making sounds simultaneously. If you disconnected the Clavinova from the audio input on the amp but left it powered up and connected via MIDI, you wold only hear the Fantom produce a note.

Now before you ask any more questions - please go read a MIDI primer and try to absorb the technology a bit. That way you'll be better prepared to ask the right questions. OK?

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