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Default Re: Bass drum pedal(s) setting : The “effortless” method.

Originally Posted by comover View Post
I play heel up and when I first tried to play heel down I realized the bass drum was so close that it was uncomfortable for me. It was causing my ankle to dorsiflex (google it!) too much when my heel was down. Hope this helps
haha, I'm actually quite familiar with dorsiflexion, my gym buddy is a human kinetics student, and we worked out a dorsiflexion exercise where I hold a dumbell on my toes and dorsiflex, which helped get rid of my shin splints. The shin splints were caused by the calf muscle being disproportionately stronger than the "shin" muscles, and pulling the shin muscle away from the bone.

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
The resting position on the pedal has no pressure whatsoever, only the natural weight of the foot/leg, if you apply any pressure, chances are the beater will touch the batter head.
In my resting position, the majority of the weight of my leg is forward of the pedal's hinge (axis longboard), mostly on the ball of my foot being heel up, and my leg is heavier than the tension of the spring. Feels strange to shift the weight back to my heel, and I have to consciously dorsiflex to do so. To sit back from the kicks any farther would require conscious plantarflexion (the opposite of dorsiflexion) to play heel up.

Since I'm not unsatisfied with my sound, I'll continue to do it the same way I always have. Thanks for the help though.
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