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Default Re: Sonor Force 3007...looking for drum head recommendations

Originally Posted by Sjogras View Post
10" and 12" I assume? The 10" for me, is pretty much slap any drum head on, tune up around D-D# and the drum will sound amazing. But the 12"! Hours and hours of fiddeling, fine tuning, different heads, different pitches, different mounting options... still doesn't sound quite right. 8" is easy to tune although I don't like the 5 lugs, 14" and 16" are easy to tune and sound great.
Agreed!, the 12 is a pain, and has been for many of my kits, I can never get the tone I want from it.
I know Benny Greb isn't playing 3007s by any means, but he mentions using the Coated Emperors over Coated Ambassadors. I haven't seen this combo mentioned yet, and while I do have a CE on my 8", and love it, I don't have the bottom of it coated yet. I think this will be my next combo. right now I mainly use G2 coated, and think they're too dead. They might be good for studio work, but not so much live.
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