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Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
It shouldn't be a huge issue given that the moisture content is well-controlled in the construction process. Any change in humidity and temperature would have more probability of expanding or contracting a stave shell compared to a ply shell, though. A ply shell is barely wood any more after manufacturing, whereas a stave shell is much less processed.
I agree, a stave shell is going to expand and contract more than a ply shell but come on, it can't be that much! Any amount of contraction enough to dislodge a wrap would probably lead the shell to come apart. Hell, even ply shells delaminate over time. I would think painting could possibly be off-limits, though.

People are still taken with the seeming novelty of stave. When things settle down, people will start wrapping and veneering stave shells like any others. That will open up new possibilities for stave construction, leading people to use woods perhaps not so visually dramatic, but more prized for their sonic qualities.
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