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Default Re: And the sickness continues! never ends..... :-) :-)
Happy Birthday!

Yamaha has always had great quality, road worthy gear, so it's a good move with that line. The seat should be fine too, if the padding is enough to keep you comfortable for as long as the set time is. The memory lock on the tube would be fine to me too. You could always put two on the tube if it was a slight concern.
AND you got great prices on the stuff!

I did put back up the medium DW hardware we talked about, but I went back to the Atlas stuff after about 3 days.
I figured, I don't have to worry about wind, or people knocking into things. My biggest obstacles are cords on the floor, and the Atlas feet raise the legs up high enough, so I may as well save the extra lbs (per stand) the DW's have over the Atlas gear. Besides, I LOVE the Atlas FB hi hat stand. No reason I can't mix hardware, but my sickness goes pretty deep hahahaha!

One crazy thing I found was, the DW double braced Medium (now called 3000) stand actually weighs exactly the same as the single braced 7000 stand!!

I still gotta try that strap Cam on my Camco pedal like you talked about.

I'm going to PM you the name of someone who could make you a canister seat for a good price. He does GREAT work, and has done a bunch of stuff for "name" guy's....and he's still friends with me haha!
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