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Default Re: An ironic observation

Originally Posted by toddmc View Post
Unless they're poorly designed in the first place or they adversely affect the functionality of the pedal, I don't see how having more adjustments rather than less can be a bad thing.
If you're someone who likes to tweak their pedals to the Nth degree you can go for it and if not you can usually play them "out of the box".
Fewer adjustments can makes things a lot easier, in my experience.

I'm very much a non-tweaker now. In the past, I was a tweaker and was constantly changing the settings on everything I owned. It nearly got to the point that I was trying to compensate technique for settings. In the end, I realised I just had to leave everything alone once it was comfortable and work on my technique - no matter what the pedal.

I can now dial a pedal in to where I want it within thirty seconds, provided it hasn't got a hundred adjustments. It is personal but I really loathe anything with over-specific or overly-niche settings. Too often, they're the things that get broken by people like me with hams for hands and too little patience.
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