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Default Re: An ironic observation

I've owned DW3000 Double beater, surprisingly broke the foot plate during a set.
Bought the DW5000 used (mainly because my brother used them, and loved how he played)
I sold those for a new set of Iron Cobra's (with wooden beaters, IDK why?) It felt like I was running through mud.

I went back to the DW5000's I'm currently using. I took all of the weights off, put on those Slim beaters (IDK what they are called, but come from the Iron Cobra's?)

They're lighter, pretty comfortable (probably more comfortable once I go from the 24" BD to a 20" BD)

Sometimes I do find most other pedals more controllable than mine, simply because I've been lazy and need to tune/fix my gear.

Never paid over $150 bucks for a set of pedals. My friend had the DW9000's and he wanted to trade me for my 5's. HA
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