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Default Re: An ironic observation

Totally agree, wildbill. I remember trying out a Tama Speed Cobra at the store and started playing heel-toe almost instinctively. Very different feel to the pedal -- in comparison to the Pearl Eliminator I was coming from -- since the angle to the chain is smaller than it would be if it was a short board at the same height too, not too sure what implication that would have.

I kind of got the feeling that a longboard would work very well for a dancing kind of footstyle, but couldn't get the Speed Cobra to grow on me in the 10 minutes I played there. Plus, the piece looked like B-stock the store owner was trying to pawn off to me at full price, so I had a negative perception from the start.

I really liked the cobra coil spring, works really well if you can make use of it. I really want to try out more pedals, but seem to have run out of time to take a decision... Wish I could take a Speed King for a test run, seems really nifty and simple.

On the subject of new vs old., is more complex and more adjustments a good thing? Or bad?

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