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Default And the sickness continues!

As Karl Crafton has noted in a past post - my sickness is continuing with this gear overhaul I've been going through.

To recap - I tried flat based hardware, and for safety reasons, that didn't work out. I went back to my Tama RoadPro stuff and the Pearl 900 series. Very stable and relatively heavier.

Just starting at the end of January, I've been in these festival situations where you set up in one place, move your stuff into place, then move it off stage when you're finished. So far, I've been doing this two times a week, sometimes setting up and striking twice a day, with at least two rehearsals during the week. So the mileage and handling on the drums is adding up rather quickly. I'll be in this pattern until the end of May.

However, now my back is beginning to complain about the weight. So - it was my birthday yesterday and the wife suggested (among other things) shopping around for some lighter stuff. Well, remember the stupid deal I found for the Tama Camco pedals for $50 new? I got one of those and de-modified it with a cam and strap.

Just this evening, I found and bought these. Look at these prices:

Yamaha CS-650 straight cymbal stands: $44 each on (bought 2)
Yamaha HH-740 hi-hat: $60 new on eBay (45 plus 15 for shipping)
Yamaha SS-740A snare stand: $42.50 new on eBay (39 plus 12 for shipping)
Yamaha DS-550 light drum throne: $39 used from a guy on eBay (free shipping)

These prices include shipping so as you can see, I didn't end up spending much. I've checked them out at various shops in the past and the Yamaha stuff is always built well, and this stuff is light. The spread on the cymbal stands is sufficient to keep them from falling over on their own, and I thought it was time to replace my old Tama Stagemaster hi-hat stand I've owned now for 15 years (my other 'light' stand). And the nice thing with the Yamaha snare stand - they use pliable rubber on the basket tips and my 9x13 tom sings in it (as opposed to other stands that choke it).

I am taking a chance on the lightweight Yamaha throne that uses a memory lock on the height adjustment pipe as opposed to a threaded spindle, but I must try it to find out. In reality, the throne (because of me) is the heaviest thing I carry. If I can cut that weight down by 75%, that's eliminating about 30 pounds from the trap case. It would be cool to find one of those canister drum thrones that can store light items, but I won't find one for under $400, so that option is out.

So this has been yet another compromise in my quest for secure playing yet easier on the load-in and strike. I know many of you swear by the Yamaha stuff, and they too, have stuff that weighs a ton, so I know this stuff will be sufficient. I'm looking forward to having this stuff for next weeks' adventures. I'll suffer this week though - one more time ;)
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