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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name?Gustavo

Age? 27

How long have you been playing? I have been playing for 5 years now and have been extremely inspired to play and just get better as of late.

Origin of user name? Well....long story short I am mexican lol and well I think the username says the rest :p

Your top 5 drummers? OMG I can't pick just 5! Well the original guys that inspired me to pick up drumming I would have to say are:

Mike Portnoy, The Rev, Gavin Harrison, Todd Sucherman, Akira Jimbo

Make of drumkit? I purchase a Tama Silverstar drumkit with Chameleon Sparkle finish.

Make of cymbal? I am more of a Sabian guy but I don't care as long as the cymbal sounds good (to my ear at least) I also have a meinl cymbal (digging their stuff lately)

Where do you practice? My bedroom

Are you in a band? I was for a little bit but I realized that I need to improve drastically so I started taking lessons again

Do you play covers or originals? Both I love playing originals more then covers but cover songs have helped me grow soooo much.

What style of music? I love all styles I go through stages but I definitely love metal, jazz, latin, older pop tunes, punk, and I have been really interested in the fusion stuff lately as well.

Favourite take out food? I eat pretty healthy actually and I try to avoid take out.

What country do you live in? America

One really odd fact about yourself? I am like an old man stuck in a young mans body lol j/k nothing really I'm pretty boring actually.

How did you start drumming

I always wanted to when I was younger but my family at the time never had the means to get me a drum set once I got a little older and got a job I took up drums. I was really inspired to by the Dream Theater documentary that came with the special edition of Systematic Chaos, watching Mike Portnoy beat the crap out of his drums really inspired me.

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