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Originally Posted by uniongoon View Post
Thanks Andy, yes that Bloodwood can make me sound like Stewart Copeland. Has a strange characteristic, I installed the heads and there was no low - mid tuning, it went from nothing to high end instantly, very weird. I am liking the simple softer woods for sound. It is fun to build with exotics, but nothing beats the Elm, or Walnut for nice tone. Because of this I am venturing into exotic wood veneer. Will be a learning curve, but I want the look of exotic but the sound of simple, if that makes sense.
It would be fascinating to see a stave drum with a veneer. Stave is so rare that no one can yet get past its nature - any stave drum must show its staves, the more flamboyantly, the better. That drives use of exotic and incredible looking woods, but limits offerings. How about plain-jane woods that impart great sound, but maybe don't look so dramatic? Why don't any of those go into stave drums? It's ultimately supposed to be about the sound, isn't it?

Don't get me wrong, I like ultrahard woods. I have an entire set of solid shell Cooktown ironwood - one of the few woods that sinks in water and they could survive a house fire. But I was jamming with some people on my mahogany congas (that's a rarity right there) and they remarked how sweet and gentle they sounded. So I am starting to think about softer woods and what they do for drums.

I look forward to seeing stave drums with veneers or *gasp* wraps. To my knowledge, no one has ever wrapped a stave drum, but it would certainly show that staves are becoming less freaky and exotic and more like any other drum, with a similarly wide range of sounds and materials.
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