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Originally Posted by KarlPalma View Post
A great drummer with amazing chops, feel and precision. A consumate pro--and I would also say an ambassador to Japans modern drumming, as well as a role model to Asians and Asian Americans to get hip to our instrument!

He reminds me of a Steve Gadd on steroids, with those chops and feel, but more on the beat instead of that Gadd laid-back, drunken master style.

Btw, does he have wrist problems now? I saw a recent clip of him using some type of gloves now, or wrist support.

Yeah Akira is one of my drum heroes for sure! Yeah, I saw the wrist supporters he is wearing, I wonder if he got injured or why he is wearing those. Have you seen the clip on Youtube of him out in Thailand playing? It is freaking amazing I love his style.
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