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Default Re: An ironic observation

Check it out and see his foot shots (there's quite a few of them). And then tell me that newer technology is really what helps him play so fast. I argue that yes, Jojo Mayer is controlling the pedal and like all tools, it does what he tells it to do.

An assumed observation.

Unless you talked to the Jo man himself and he said "Yeah, its all crap, this old PEARL pedal is just as easy to play and will hold up just as well as my SONOR".

It may have looked like he was having an easy time, tho maybe he was thinking " its a little tricky pulling some stuff off w/this PEARL pedal, wish I had a PB right now."

I would bet the newer technology makes it easier for JO JO to play his sickest stuff.

Although you may be able to make an older pedal play like new, or like some cheaper newer models, the fact of the matter is everything out there right now evolved from those old pedals.
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