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Default Re: MIDI/Song Sequence/Computer Question

The much easiest way would be if your workstation had anyway to export a midi file on to a disk that could be read by a regular computer. But I sort of doubt such keyboard has that capability, and good luck finding a computer that accepts floppy discs anymore. But a midi file is a pretty standard file extension that both PC's and Macs can read. Then with any standard DAW, you can import the midi file.

2nd way is easy enough IF you have all the right gear:

1) You need a computer that is running a DAW (protools, logic, garage band, etc).

2) You need to have a midi input on your computer (a midi to USB port is a pretty common item at a music store that sells recording equipment).

3) Run a midi cable from the "midi out" of your keyboard to the "midi in" of your computer.

4) Set up the computer to receive midi time clock from the keyboard. This will take some fussing, as every program does this a bit differently.

5)set up your DAW to record how ever many midi tracks you have coming out.

You can then record the midi information out of your work station into the computer in real time.

Keep in mind, a midi file contains no sounds into itself. A midi file is just the notes.

However, with many modern programs, you can take a midi file and print sheet music from it.
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