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Default V-Drums kit without the module for use with Studio Drummer?

Hey all,

I'm wanting to invest in a nice set of V-Drums pads to be able to use with Studio Drummer via MIDI. I don't need the full on expensive module with the sound banks and mixer as I'll be getting all my sounds from Studio Drummer. I do however need something to connect all the triggers/pads to so I can then go into my computer via my RME Babyface's MIDI in/out. What are my options here?

The only kits I see online include the module (which comprises a fair amount of the total cost), and buying individual pads seems to cost almost as much as buying the full kit with module. I just need kick, snare, 2 toms, hat, ride, and a crash or two. I do really prefer the feel and accuracy of the V-Drums pads, but would also be open to other models/brands. Any suggestions?
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