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Default Re: Custom Drumstix: Legit or Ripoff?

Originally Posted by enforcerdrummer View Post
You are danny aren't you? $180? Wow! 2014? That's sad and a great way to run a business. Thank god for Vic Firth!
#1. No, I'm not Danny.

#2. Hope the $180 issue gets resolved one way or another for member formula428. Being out that much money blows.

#3. 2014 is when NICK (who is not part of CDX anymore) told he would probably be rolling again with something new. He's really starting from scratch, being as all his own personal equipment (2K worth he said) was in the shop when everything was removed. In the end, he didn't come away with anything.

I have no idea when CDX will be opened again for business, if at all.

I hope the VF sticks work great for you!...wait, you're Vic Firth aren't you!!
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