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Default Re: An ironic observation

Well, my FIRST pedal was a POS that eventually was held together with coat hanger wire hahaha! I have no nostalgic feelings towards that pedal, or the hi hat stand on that kit :-)

I really liked the Speed Kings when I got them, but I don't care for them these days. The posts are too short for me.

My first double pedal was a Camco (around '89-'90), and I got it because it had springs on both the slave section, and on the left of the main section, so you could also use the "slave" part as a single.
It felt great then, and it feels great now.
I got a re-issue Camco last year after going back to my old Camco for a while, but, I never used it since I went back to the Elim. before it showed up to the shop.
I was kinda bummed when I saw them going for $50 though, since I kept the re-issue in the original packaging & bag to sell sometime down the road....!

Even though the Camco is cool, I prefer a strap. My favorite pedals to date have been my old 5000 strap (til DW changed stuff, and now that model sucks), the Iron Cobra Flexi, and my Eliminators with the Red (strap style) Cam.

I have an extra DW (strap) cam and strap, so I may just put it on one of my Camco's and give that a whirl.

I've actually been impressed with some of the less expensive pedals out there too. There's one PDP pedal that felt really good to me, and it was pretty dang cheap.
I think it was only $79, or $89 for a single.
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