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Default Ronald Shannon Jackson

I'm surprised that there isn't a thread for this Great player. Check out the iTunes previews from his solo album Pulse:

It's out of print on CD or LP but still available if you look hard enough. Mostly it's just solo drums or with him singing/soliloquizing, with a couple of tracks that have a poet speaking over his drumming. The last track has solo piano. Highly recommended to get your blood going; his playing is on fully automatic, though he can play the quietest brushes.

He cut his teeth accompanying many jazz Greats like Mingus, Betty Carter, Joe Henderson, Cecil Tayor and Albert Ayler but most famously played in Ornette Coleman's Prime Time electric band. Over the last 30+ years he has done work with his own group, the Decoding Society, as well as projects with Bill Laswell, Sonny Sharrock, Vernon Reid, James "Blood" Ulmer & Peter Brötzmann for Last Exit and Power Tools .

There are several videos in his webpage:


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